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Law Office of Charles Popper

1205 San Antonio Street

Austin, TX 78701

Directions to the Court

509 West 11th Street

Austin, TX 78701

Guide to the Travis County Courthouse

Directions to the Office

Floor 9             450th District Court       Judge Klemmer                  331st District Court        Judge Crain

Floor 8             167th District Court       Judge Klemmer                  299th District Court        Judge Sage

Floor 7             390th Ditrict Court         Judge Klemmer                  147th District Court        Judge Brown

Floor 6             County Court 9              Judge Williams                   County Court 7               Judge Earle

Floor 5             County Court 9              Judge Barrera                    County Court 3               Judge Lipscombe

Floor 4             County Court 9              Judge Hohengarten           County Court 7               Judge Mueller

Floor 3             County Court 9              Judge Denton                    427th Ditrict Court          Judge Coronado

Floor 2             403rd District Court       Judge Kennedy                  Magistrate Court            Judge Grizzard